Clusterpoint Network Traffic Security System

Scalable, driven by Clusterpoint Server (Fast Full Text Search Database), Clusterpoint Network Traffic Security System (NTSS) is a raw IP packets capturing, re-engineering, indexing, storage and search system.  NTSS can store months worth of raw and re-enginieered traffic and perform fast sub-second ad hoc and full text search in meta-data and protocol objects at OSI 2-7 levels (web pages, emails, documents, chat, video, audio, IP connections etc.).

The NTSS system can retrieve any suspicious traffic by any content or parameters within the IP packets it has captured. In this way it is possible to ask questions like the following, and be alerted with real-time triggers:
    -    Who posted a comment with known keywords on an Internet portal just now or X months ago?
    -    Who sent or received emails with attachments or texts that could indicate fraud or other dishonest activities?
    -    Who and How is wasting company time viewing websites or downloading video or audio files that breach our corporate IT policy?NTSS Illustration